Okay, let’s be real for a second. I have never, ever gotten the hang of blow drying my hair. I commend anyone who can wield the intimidating round brush and blow drier and come out looking like a rock star. It’s totally mystifying to me. Granted, I have let my hair air dry for the majority of my life, and have only blow dried it a handful of times. That hasn’t kept me from having hair FOMO. I love the look of sleek, bouncy blow-dried hair! When I saw the Bed Head Blow Out Freak Blow Drier I was ecstatic to try it out.

It’s a one-step volume booster dryer with tourmaline ceramic to keep your locks smooth and healthy. The bristles, similar to a brush, give you volume and add definition! I feel like my beautiful-hair-blow-drying-prayers have been answered. I have naturally straight hair so I am always looking to add volume and fun! There’s nothing cuter than big, bouncy hair (in my book)! It heats up fast (for our busy gals always on the go) but has heat settings to experiment with. The oval design is the key to volume and control.
As Bed Head themselves put it, it’s about doing with your hair what you feel when you feel it.  Your style is your work of art and you need the tools and flexibility to craft your MANE masterpiece.
This is why Bed Head Styling offers a wide range of high-performance products that empower you to make a statement — to provoke and disrupt — with maximum impact. Own your own style, be unique.

Life is too short to not have fabulous hair!!

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This post is brought to you by Bed Head and Her Campus Media! Thank you!

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