Happy almost-Christmas! Earlier this week on Instagram, I asked you guys “What makes you happy?”

I got a lot of great answers, including pets(!), french fries, spending time with family, and seeing others happy. I’d have to agree with all of those! Personally, I love life and the list of things that make me happy could be a million miles long. Some of the things that make me happy are my dog, books, giving to others, broadway musicals (lol), and shoes (gotta be honest). Oh, and movies. And makeup. And Mariah Carey. And Frank Sinatra. Hot Cocoa. Crystals. Yoga. Swimming. The Beach. See?! I can’t even limit myself to a few choices! 

I recently discovered the neatest gift card company called Happy Cards! I personally love gift cards, but Happy Cards takes it to a whole new level. Usually, my favorite kind of gift card would be for makeup or books. Until this month, when I discovered Happy Cards! It’s seriously amazing because with just one card, you can use it at several different locations! This week, I’m giving away one $100 Happy Card for “her” that includes choices from Ulta, Express, Godiva, Peet’s, and more! Instead of giving just a gift card, you’re giving a whole shopping day! Whether it’s a stocking stuffer or main gift, it’s perfect for anybody! 

Check out Happy Cards by clicking HERE!
Get happy, give Happy! 

Make sure to check out the giveaway on my Instagram to win a $100 Happy Card & comment below about what makes you happy! This post was made possible by Happy Cards.
Happy holidays! 

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