Today I bring you: the cutest minidress ever!

This white dress is perfect for any occasion! I love it for a day at the beach, hanging by the pool, and warm summer days in general! It’s so flattering and can even be dressed up for a night out.

I think the best feature, however, is how lightweight it is. This minidress is perfect for girls who travel! Since it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to fit in any luggage! Being so light, it’s easy to be in it for hours at a time – at the airport, walking around, hopping a train.

Not only is it comfortable and breathable, it’s cute and photogenic too for those travel snapshots!

It’s from Lulu’s and it’s totally affordable; it’s even on sale now! Plus, it qualifies for free shipping!  Click here to shop!
The photos shown here were shot at the Bonneville Salt Flats (USA). If you are ever driving by these salt flats, they are a must see. They are seriously amazing!


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