Whether you’re on Winter Break or just enjoying the cozy weather, there’s so many fun things to do during the cold months. Here’s some of my favorites!

  1. Cuddle up on the couch with a good book. (This is my favorite one, no doubt). As soon as I got my Burrow couch, I pretty much haven’t wanted to go anywhere. I’ve already read 4 books these past two weeks! 
  2. Watch all the cheesy Rom-Com movies you can get your hands on. Invite some friends. Your heart will thank you.
  3. Go on a hike. For you busy-bodies, bundle up and hit the trails. I personally love hiking when the weather isn’t blistering hot.
  4. Go stargazing. Again, bundle up and bring blankets. Grab some friends or a significant other. When it’s cold and clear out, the stars are amazing.
  5. Pick up a new or old hobby. For me, I’ve started beading again after a break. It’s so rewarding, and it’s cozy to stay inside and work on a project. 
  6. Host a board game night. Just make sure no one gets to competitive. I’ve witnessed a few blowouts over Clue, and it wasn’t pretty.
  7. Start a Gratitude Journal. Being grateful is one of the most important keys to life. Start one, keep one. It will change your life.

    Quick life update: I’ve been moving! Naturally, I’ve been redecorating and finding new pieces.
    So before we go, I want to mention Burrow couches again. (You can click here to check out their website). They ship right to your door in easy, lightweight boxes. I had the couch setup within 15 minutes. Crazy easy!

    One of my favorite aspects is the USB charger port. Now I can read from my kindle or phone all day without having to leave the couch . . . it’s a dream come true! (Stella loves it too)

Let me know if you have any favorite cozy activities for the winter months!


2 comments on “Cozy Winter Bucket List”

  1. Love this list! Especially reading and doing the gratitude journal. Been doing that for several months and it feels so good!

  2. This is a great post and full of so many tempting winter relax ideas! I love your photography too. I’m on a pretty full schedule at work right now so don’t find much downtime as it is currently but am hoping once my time frees up a bit to take your advice on some of these ideas!

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