We’ve all had those days where we are just not happy with how our hair looks! Especially if it’s been a day or two since you washed it, it’s easily tempting to throw on a baseball cap or toss your hair in a messy bun. As a serial over-washer, I have to make a conscious effort not to wash my hair so often! It’s really easy to overwork your hair, especially if you’re using heat tools on top of that.
I recently started using Bed Head styling tools (the Morning After collection) and the heat settings that they have are so unique. It makes me feel so much better about using heat on my hair! It has settings for wash day, second day, and third day. How genius is that??
My favorite style for second or third day hair can be broken down into 2 easy steps:
1. Do a simple braid at the top and pin it back.
2. Style the bottom.
(In these photos, I’m using the Bed Head Morning After StraightenerSelect your heat setting based on the last time you washed your hair. This will help to reduce the heat damage for healthy-looking hair!)
That’s it!
My hair is naturally straight, but after a day or two it starts to get tangled and messy. Taking the straightener to it gives my hair so much more life and shine! The Bed Head Morning After Straighter is #SleekAF. I love creating a little curl at the end, too! It balances out the braid at the top.
Having sleek, styled hair instantly pulls together any outfit or look. Not to mention, we feel so much more confident when we ‘re having a good hair day, right?!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bed Head and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own!!

What’s your go-to hairstyle? Tell me in the comments!
Here’s to having healthier, beautiful hair!!

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