There were a lot of amazing moments during 2018. Looking back through all of my photos helped me to realize this. Below I included a lot of my favorite images in chronological order. I felt like the year went by so fast, but after looking at all these photos, I realized how much occurred within the expanse of 12 months. I met a lot of new people and made friends and memories that I will cherish always! My blog turned 1 year old, and I turned 22. I worked hard and gave my all into photography, editing, and content creating, all while being a full-time college student with several different businesses and jobs. I visited some of my favorite places including Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Southern Utah, and more. I went through it all, the good parts and the bad, and learned lessons in the duality of life. I’m grateful for each challenge and lesson as it comes because it means growth. I’m grateful for every year, especially and including this one. Now, I walk into 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose. I’m ready for what the year brings to me because I am ready to continue growing as a person. I’m ready to accomplish new and exciting things, and I’m optimistic for the future. I’m grateful for my friends, family, health, home, and so much more. I am thankful, last but not least, for the wonderful people who I’ve connected with through this crazy instagram & blog journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

Goodbye, 2018. Cheers to 2019!
Skyler Delvy

Skyler DelvySkyler Delvy

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